Frequently Asked Questions

A: Dura-Crust products are customized polymer based soil stabilizers

A:  Dura-Crust is manufactured in the U.S.A. The raw material for Dura-Crust is also made in the U.S.A.

A: Dura-Crust is trade marked and a proprietary blend but is not patented.

A:  Dura-Crust is provided as a super-concentrate to be blended with water onsite.  Ready to apply or custom blends can be made by special order.  Contact us via the contact form on this web site.

A:  A 3% polymer to water blend for most dust control applications.  You may want to use a heavier blend for soil stabilization applications that are to support extreme loads or a lesser blend when applicable.

A:  Application is dependent on the type of use.  Non traffic areas may be surface only applications.  It is recommended that application for vehicle traffic area be blended at depths depending on traffic use and weight.

A:  Dura-Crust works with most soils, however, we can perform testing before use to ensure the best performance. The products bind with the smaller particulates in the soil but the polymers don’t change the characteristics of the soil itself.  The products work best when there is some clay content in the soil, however we have found they work extremely well with decomposed granite.

A:   Maintenance is typically required over time depending on the type of use.  As additional treatments at 3% to 5% blend are applied the layers will lengthen the time between maintenance applications.

A:   Dura-Crust diluted to applicable amounts costs less.  It is more environmentally friendly to the surrounding area, wildlife and fresh water sources and requires less treatments over time.  Dura-Crust is Title 22 Certified in California. To see a full comparison click here.

Dura-Crust is your Mag Chloride Replacement for Dust Control

Over time, chlorides create toxic surfaces that are environmentally unsafe.  Because it’s water soluble, it creates runoff that affects vegetation and animal life. Dura-Crust is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, non-flammable and not water soluble. With Dura-Crust Soil Solutions, you can rest assured that you are helping to preserve the planet. Not destroy it.