About Us

We are Dura-Crust, one of the top chemical solution providers for civil engineering works. We are leading chemists and engineers in the specialty chemical industry, bringing to you the highest quality of specialized soil polymers.

A superior approach to soil stabilization—that’s Dura-Crust. Our expertly engineered chemistry creates a stable, waterproof base-layer, blending with most existing substrates. Dura-Crust can be used on roads or locations that will ultimately have a top coat of asphalt or concrete added. Dura-Crust can also be used as a stabilizing surface for dirt roads, pads, parking areas, etc., while using existing soil, crushed granite, caliche or other commonly used materials. We have been efficiently and effectively building sustainable roads worldwide for decades.


You can have peace of mind knowing that Dura-Crust Soil Stabilizer base is an Eco-Safe, biodegradable liquid co-polymer that is used to create a stable and waterproof base layer foundation prior to sealing. Our products are available as opaque or black polymers. Dura-Crust Soil Stabilizer base is a high performing stabilization agent that physically and chemically bonds soil, crushed granite, caliche, dewatered oilfield waste or pavement particles. This improves compressive strength, high tensile resilience and water permeability. With Dura-Crust Soil Solutions, you can rest assured that you are helping to preserve the planet—not destroy it.

The key areas to use Dura-Crust as a polymer seal and/or stabilization agent are:

  • New road construction surface sealing

  • Sealing or stabilizing oilfield roads, pads, pits, facility foundations

  • Sealing or stabilizing rural roads, industrial roads, farm roads, road shoulders
  • Stable, flexible, waterproof surface to reduce or prevent ruts and potholing

  • Improved skid resistance and decreased rolling resistance

  • Significant dust reduction

untreated dirt

Dura-Crust is your Mag Chloride Replacement for Dust Control

Over time, chlorides create toxic surfaces that are environmentally unsafe.  Because it’s water soluble, it creates runoff that affects vegetation and animal life. Dura-Crust is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, non-flammable and not water soluble. With Dura-Crust Soil Solutions, you can rest assured that you are helping to preserve the planet. Not destroy it.