Areas of Application

A key aspect of Dura-Crust is the correct application of our products. As such, Dura-Crust works with our partners to ensure that all applications are done correctly, thus providing the most durable and long-lasting surfaces. Our partners also ensure that the product is a first generation mix and that the mix is optimized for the soil it will be applied to.

​Soil is sampled from the area where application will take place. It is analyzed, a proctor compaction test is done, and the sampled soil is blended with the proper mix of polymer/water to determine the optimum blend for the project area and type of application.

Dura-Crust partners make sure that the proper equipment is available and used for application. They also ensure that the soil moisture content is right and that the proper combination of polymer/water is blended and used evenly and at the correct percentage with the soil. Proper application from blend to distribution ensures long lasting roads and pads with significantly reduced maintenance and maintenance costs to the customer.


High traffic areas create dust clouds when left untreated.

Mining Industry

Untreated slopes are subject to erosion and create a hazard without stabilization.

Oil Industry

Oil fields need dependable roads that won’t fail in transporting black gold.

Dura-Crust is your Mag Chloride Replacement for Dust Control

Over time, chlorides create toxic surfaces that are environmentally unsafe.  Because it’s water soluble, it creates runoff that affects vegetation and animal life. Dura-Crust is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, non-flammable and not water soluble. With Dura-Crust Soil Solutions, you can rest assured that you are helping to preserve the planet. Not destroy it.