Dura-Crust vs Magnesium Chloride

  • Non-corrosive, eliminates corrosive maintenance issues

  • Works well in all environments after binding with soil

  • By binding with soil and other surface materials (caliche, decomposed granite), Dura-Crust will not separate and run off during heavy rains

  • Seals surface, reducing seepage and potential damage to sub-base

  • Engineered co-polymer, designed for water dilution and application. The need for re-applications reduced with each subsequent application (binds to itself)

  • Builds upon itself with each additional application, reducing amount of continual watering

  • Non-toxic, safe for plants, wildlife and Title 22 approved for freshwater and aquatic life

  • Provides excellent soil binding for low water crossings and slope stabilization

  • May be remediated in place

  • More cost effective

  • Corrosive, leads to additional maintenance on vehicles

  • Not as effective for dust control in lower humidity

  • When wet, creates a slippery, unsafe surface

  • Breaks down sub-base, requiring maintenance more often

  • Requires continual undiluted application

  • Does not bind with soil and other materials

  • Over time chlorides create toxic surface that is environmentally unsafe

  • Water soluble creating runoff that affects vegetation and animal life

  • Dissolves in water

  • Soil runoff from treated surfaces must be remediated

  • Less cost effective

Dura-Crust is your Mag Chloride Replacement for Dust Control

Over time, chlorides create toxic surfaces that are environmentally unsafe.¬† Because it’s water soluble, it creates runoff that affects vegetation and animal life. Dura-Crust is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, non-flammable and not water soluble. With Dura-Crust Soil Solutions, you can rest assured that you are helping to preserve the planet. Not destroy it.

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